All Non-teaching Staffs
Sl. No. Photo Name of Staff Designation Qualification Date of Joining Dept. Mob No. Email Id
1 Mr. S.C. Giri Mr. S.C. Giri Demonstrator M.A., M.Phil Anthropology 9437674835
2 Mr. B.N. Mohanta Mr. B.N. Mohanta Demonstrator M.Sc. Physics 9692064070
3 Mr. P.K. Basha Mr. P.K. Basha Demonstrator B.Sc. Physics 9777475503
4 Mr. A.K. Parida Mr. A.K. Parida Demonstrator B.Sc.(Hons) Chemistry 8763079120
5 Mr. B. Ghosh Mr. B. Ghosh Demonstrator B.Sc.(Hons), Chemistry 8342993998
6 Dr. G.K. Panda Dr. G.K. Panda Demonstrator B.Sc. Botany 9692165396
7 Mr. D.C. Sahu Mr. D.C. Sahu Demonstrator B.Sc.(Hons) Botany 9439377284
8 Mr. B. Mohanty Mr. B. Mohanty Demonstrator B.Sc. (Hons), Zoology 7873018502
9 Mr. S.P. Mohanta Mr. S.P. Mohanta Asst. Librarian Library 9437355892
10 Mr. Niroj Ranjan Mohanta Mr. Niroj Ranjan Mohanta DEO Office Management 9583582107