With the objective of personality development of students through community service, N.S.S. is optional for students of the college. Three N.S.S. Units at degree level including one Women Unit under North Orissa University and one under CHSE are functioning in this college under four Programme Officers.

  1. The objectives of the N.S.S. are to arouse objectives among the students the spark of conscience and to provide them with the opperttunity.
  2. To work with and among people.
  3. To engage in creative and constructive social activities.
  4. To enhance the students knowledge of themselves and of community through a contact with reality.
  5. To put his scholarship to practical use in mitigating at least some of the social distresses.
  6. To gain skills in the exercise of democratic leadership.
  7. To acquire skills in developments programme to enable him to get himself employed.
  1. To identify urgent needs of the various community.
  2. To undertake and execute programmes to meet community needs.
  3. To establish and maintain supplementary service to meet community needs.
  4. To build infrastructure for economic and social development.
  5. To strengthen social solidarity and national integration. The following is the programme of activities suggested.
  1. Education:
    • Literacy
    • Social Education.
    • School Social Service such as helping in studies, promoting attendance, promoting admission, specially of backward classes.
    • Book Bank.
  2. Constructive Works:
    • Building and repair the roads.
    • Digging, renovation, cleaning of tanks and wells.
    • Improvement of public places like school and hospital etc.
    • Help during cultivation and harvesting times.
    • Tree plantation.
    • Promoting kitchen-gardens.
    • Preservation of ancient monuments.
    • Conservation of water.
  3. Recreation:
    • Organizing playgrounds for both school going and non-school going children.
    • Organizing sports, music, dramatic competitions etc in the community.
  4. Health:
    • Service to patients in the hospital and outside the hospital, ward visit, letter-writing for patients.
    • Health Education and demonstration of nutritive food preparation.
  5. Campaigns:
    • For the eradication of social evils like untouchability, superstition, child marriage, dowry etc.
    • For improvement of slum conditions, sanitation.
    • For the improvement of agriculture, consolidation of holding and co-operative farming.
    • Anti-corruption campaign.
    • Voice against ticketless travel.
  6. Service during emergency and natural calamities:
    • Flood
    • Famine
    • Drought
    • Earthquake
    • Accidents (fire)
    • Epidemics etc.
  7. Camps:
    Special camps (10-15) days are organised in prescribed areas (rural, urban, tribal, slum and college campus) for execution of specific projects such as youth against dirt and disease. Youth against national disintegration and youth against deforestation.
  8. Students’ Enrolment and Work:
    Prospective student volunteers are to apply in prescribed forms available in the N.S.S. office for registration. It is expected from each student that he/she will devote 120 hours for N.S.S. work per annum and out of which at least 20 hours be used for orientation programme.
Some Recent Activities